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Our track record amply demonstrates that HR&A ranks among the nation's most experienced and respected consultants to public and non-profit organizations in search of outstanding executive and Board leadership. This national stature has been earned by responding to the unique challenge faced by search committees and chief executives charged with addressing these institutions' leadership needs. A search for a leader of a major public or non-profit institution is peculiarly exacting because the best appointee may come from any one of a wide variety of backgrounds. There is no one correct set of experiential qualifications for the CEO of a major foundation, or the head of a large urban school system, or the leader of a large operating non-profit. Neither is there a single, fixed career ladder for most members of the senior management team in these organizations, as there is none in many public agencies and authorities, advocacy organizations, research houses of all kinds, and broadly configured university posts. A consultant capable of assisting in such a search must move easily across sectoral and disciplinary lines, tapping all of the plausible sources of outstanding candidates and providing the client with the full range of options it should consider before making the most crucial single decision in any organization - its choice of leaders.

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The key quality sought in non-profit executives is the generic ability to lead - a rare quality which can be expressed in countless for-profit and non-profit contexts. This core talent must be combined with creative vision, personal dedication to the organization's mission, and a rich blend of substantive, motivational, managerial, presentational and people skills. These capabilities may have been honed many many for-profit or non-profit worlds. The proven and potential leaders who have them in fullest measure are usually much coveted by others but greatly loved by their current employers and not in the active job market. An effective search for such a leader must penetrate all of these worlds in a way sufficiently personalized to persuade him/her to give serious thought to the new opportunity despite general satisfaction with the status quo.

And because we apply the search process best fitted to each client's needs.

A search consulting practice which meets these special demands requires a distinctive structure and search methodology, as compared with firms where searches for public/non-profit executives are a minor sideline. The structure cannot rely on the narrow, industry-specific silos, staffed by search professionals who operate only in their home fields, which are typical of such firms. Nor can the search method assume that one size fits all, or have its reach restricted to the very limited talent market penetration afforded by the traditional telephone- tree communication strategies they normally utilize.

The HR&A executive search practice, shaped over nearly 25 years of successful experience, responds directly to the special needs of public and non-profit clients. At its core is a Partner who, as Project Director, brings to bear decades of personal experience as practitioner, management consultant and search consultant to a very broad cross-section of public and non-profit organizations. This Partner is personally responsible for every phase and work product of the search, including personal conduct of all interviews with candidates and reporting thereon. There is never any ambiguity about who is accountable to the client for an HR&A search, nor is there any handing off of key functions that are best performed by a single mind in a position to make valid cross-comparisons of candidates. The Project Director is staffed by HR&A professionals with long experience in the mechanics and logistics of the search process, and makes effective use of the firm's computerized files of many tens of thousands of nominators and candidates in a dizzying variety of fields and sectors.

The Project Director adapts HR&A's exclusive Systematic Network Search methodology to the precise needs of the client. He/she deploys methodological tools which result in:

The bottom line is organizational success under the leaders recruited.

The proof of the effectiveness of the HR&A approach is in the quality of the appointees selected and their proven success on the job. The pages that follow provide a few examples, noting the length of tenure of each appointee to date.

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