Dr. Francine F. Rabinovitz 

Dr. Francine F. Rabinovitz is President of Hamilton, Rabinovitz & Associates, Inc. (HR&A).  She ranks among the nation's best known expert analysts and witnesses in the estimation, valuation, and administrative/financial management of mass tort claims and trusts. 

Dr. Rabinovitz has produced, presented and defended in cross-examination some of the most authoritative and decisive valuations in the history of mass tort litigation. For example, her testimony presenting the HR&A estimate of the value of more than 320,000 unresolved Dalkon Shield claims in the A.H. Robbins bankruptcy - which was one of six widely varying estimates presented by experts for opposing parties - was cited approvingly by name in the Opinion of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals affirming the District Court's establishment of a value very close to the HR&A estimate. When the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from that ruling, Robbins quickly emerged from bankruptcy and was very profitably sold. Her estimate of the value of current and future asbestos claims in the Owens Corning bankruptcy was also the closest estimate to the valuation adopted by the Judge and was found by him to be “persuasive”.  

Dr. Rabinovitz was an estimation expert in the Garlock, Plant, Quigley, Asarco, Pittsburgh Corning and W.R. Grace asbestos-related bankruptcies. She is a consultant on estimation of asbestos claims for such solvent companies as Honeywell International Inc., Ashland Inc., Crane Co., Ampco-Pittsburgh Inc., and Cabot Corp.  She previously played similar roles in the Owens Corning, DII, Inc., Celotex, Thorpe, Federal Mogul, AC&S, WMAC, USG and Fuller-Austin Corp. bankruptcies. She is the expert for the Representative of Future Claimants of the Manville Personal Injury Trust, the Owens Corning and Fibreboard Trusts, the Lummus Trust, the WAST, JT Thorpe and THAN Trusts. She is or has been an expert in litigation over the UK Solvent Schemes proposed by the British Aviation Insurance Company, WFUM and the Scottish Lion Companies.  She also directed claim handling operations, for the "Breland" claims facility operated for the Dalkon Shield Trust, and for the Expedited Claim Processing program established for the Celotex Trust, and served as a continuing evaluator of the Dow Corning Breast Implant Trust.

Dr. Rabinovitz holds a B.A. from Cornell University and a PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.